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How To Practise

Quality not Quantity! by Adrian Stuart

Most Golf Professional will always tell you its Quality not Quantity that counts when it comes to practice. So many golfers arrive at their club after reading a magazine article on, “swing technique” or new ways to improve their handicap, only to find this can be a one way ticket to disaster. They then spend hours hitting loads of balls trying out all the techniques from the magazine, only to find that the ball flight is far from consistent and very much inferior to when they started!!

We would obviously encourage you to practice your golf, but try not to hit millions of golf balls not knowing if you are doing the correct things. If you have had lessons spend time working on the few key movements your instructor has given you and not 101 ideas picked up from the magazine article! Start with a short club say a 7 or 8 iron Once you feel you have a bit more confidence with your swing and the ball flight, then maybe reach for a longer iron and test yourself out a little more, if this works then try the woods, but only if you have the desired control on the ball flight. Confidence has to be built slowly, remember its Quality not Quantity.

Another tip is to always aim at something whilst practicing, to aid you in doing this lay a club down on the floor to aim your feet just left of your target (RH Player).  When you play a round of golf you are often aiming at a precise object such as a flag 150+ Yards away. So don’t turn practice into just beating balls into the wide open space. This also helps you to be prepared for when you have to hit a precise shot in the monthly medal or for that little side bet against your friends.

Best of luck with these tips, any problems or thoughts, as always feel free to get in touch with Martin!!