Putting Drill One

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Putting Drill 1

We all know that putting is an important part of the game so I thought I would share a couple of drills that I have done in the past to improve my game.

The Clock Drill

Pick a hole on the putting green and remove the flag.

Mark out around the hole 5 spots that are approx. 3ft from the hole.

Place a ball at each marker and try to hole all 5 balls.

Now set yourself a target say, 20 balls in a row – if you miss a putt you must start from 1 again. There is no point in cheating at this drill.

Once you have achieved your goal leave this drill, if your target was 20 putts and you managed 24 before you missed then the next time you must stay on the green until you beat 24 in a row.

I managed to get to 100 putts in a row and believe me putt no 99 was extreme pressure, just like being on the course.