Putting Drill Two

The Ladder Drill

Pick a hole on the putting green and remove the flag.

Mark out 3 spots from the hole at 6ft, 9ft and 12ft. Place 5 balls at each distance.

Start with the balls at 6ft, they all have to go in the hole or past the hole, if they go past they must not touch / hit the club behind the hole. All 5 balls must either go in or past the hole in a row. Again, there is no point in cheating at this drill.

Once you have achieved that then move back to 9ft and start again, if you miss the hole and do not go past it, or if you hit the club behind, you must start again from 6ft.

Only when you have putted all 15 balls in a row, 5 from 6ft, 9ft & 12ft, either in the hole or past it without hitting the club behind, can you stop this drill.

The next time you can add another 3ft at the end and repeat etc.

This drill enhances you feel and will help you to get all putts either in the hole or within 3ft.